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MFA Application Thread

Things you should know

The MFA is a very serious micronational organisation that seeks to play football in real life. If your nation has only one person, then don't bother even thinking about joining us (unless you have at least 10 other non-micronational who'd be up for games). We also require our members to be respectable. Any nations that act irresponsibly or childishly, even outside of MFA affairs, will be removed.

To join the MFA, your nation needs to be at least 6 months old, have a minimum of 11 citizens, a flag and a national anthem. We also require nations to disclose how much their projected budgets are for their FAs, but this is just more to see who is worth inviting for tournaments (we won't turn you away just because you have no money).

Please do not join for the heck of it. The MFA has serious goals and if we have people who don't really care that devalues our organisation.

To join the MFA, please send a completed version of the following application to[at]gmail[dot]com:

Example on how to fill in:

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