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Seasoned Water, number II
Since there has already been a seasoned water recipe, which can be seen here, I would like to introduce the one, the only...seasoned water II. This time, it's even better than the original! 

Is it healthier? Probably not. Can you easily transport it? Of course you can...not. Nonetheless, it will be a refreshing drink for the hot summer days!

- 300 liters of pepper and 200 liters of salt, respectively
- 10 milliliters of water

1. Stir the pepper and salt.
2. Add the pepper-salt mixture into the water and stir.

I might as well say, "bon appetit"!
His Royal Majesty
Johann Kümmel
King of Roskya and her Territories.

I don't want to think about what this must taste like!

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