Poll: Is World War III possible?
Yes, it may even involve nuclear weapons
Yes, but it may not involve nuclear weapons
It's likely that the sparks of current igniting conflicts burst the flame of WW3
It's unlikely WW3 will happen, as current conflicts will solve themselves anytime soon
Probabilities of such a conflict are low
I'm not sure really
WW3 will not happen, maybe it will, but not now
WW3 will NEVER happen
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Is WW3 coming?
With the current situation in Ukraine, Syria (Much of the middle east to be honest), Colombia with the FARC causing constant trouble, Mexican War on Narcotics, War on Terrorism, Korean War, and Cyprus possible conflict... Woudn't it be possible that at any moment could WW3 begin and where it could affect and what course would it follow?
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China is the real key to whether a world conflict would break out. Even if the unlikely scenario of a US-Russian conflict was to occur, it would be China's reaction that would determine the outcome. Interestingly enough, I read this morning Japan has put sanctions on Russia too, and Japan is China's No. 1 nemesis right now. Both Russia and China have disputes with Japan. This could also end up linking up with the Middle Eastern shiite vs sunni proxy conflict (Iran, Iraq, Syria, Hezbollah vs Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Turkey).

So in summary it is not as far fetched as it may sound at first, but it is very, *very* unlikely at the moment.
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Conflicts you mentioned is a regional conflict, while "world superpowers" only encountered each other in few conflicts, such as the Crimea and the Syria. Nations has become more intelligent so they will not easily provoked by external conflicts, unless that affecting themself.

I think the WW3 will not occured at our, current time. Iy may happened, but not in our time.
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The thing is that EU and just about everyone is broke and the U.S. has whored itself out to the breaking point. Nobody can afford a war with russia for a multitude pf reasona.

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I highly doubt a World War is coming soon. The US still has unquestionable primacy in terms of economic and military power, and gets involved in almost every mess in the world. Nobody will want to risk such a war with the US. However, if I am wrong and the end is nigh, get your CBRNe suits ready and get ready to partay! If you don't get drafted.
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One side will back down eventually, most likely the west, or it will just become a lot quieter like South Ossetia or Abkhazia because Ukraine is not worth it, honestly. A largely internal problem for Ukraine is a lot easier to deal with then a war so i expect Russia to continue its occupation and the West to continue its sanctions and that will likely be the end of it with no real conclusion just like Georgia's and Serbia's breakaway regions.
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