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Schalamzaar Empire
Schalamzaar in Antarctica, a constituent country.
Schalamzaar would like to become member of serious micronational/new-country project organizations. Also, Schalamzaar involved in "Organization of United Emerging States", and also is a member of "Union Iberica/Iberica Union". After emperor heard about AATS, Anti-Antarctic Treaty System, joined it.
We would say special thanks to Governor Hmrd Cesidio Tallini , Governor of United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago, UMMOA for accepting our request.
(Please note that this is my humble opinion.)

To me, Antartica is completely useless. There is no way to even produce food there. So basically, populating Antartica will increase food consumption of the World. Also, I personally don't like cold climate of polar regions, maybe anyone else dislikes it?

Once again, my opinion
Paolo Emilio I, Caudillo of Trebia
Schalamzaar doesn't need historical land, and this is what makes me happy :)
Historical entity, old but gold :D
The government has decided to cede all of uncontrollable lands, and move the claims to borders of Iran.
The map on the post is where Schalamzaari ethnic can be found :
So... you haven't really ceded *all* uncontrollable lands, then? :P
His Imperial Majesty
Jonathan I
(Imperator Caesar Jonathan Augustus)
By the Grace of Christ our God faithful Austenasian Emperor and Autocrat of the Romans
[Image: 8hcAM4h.png]
Yes :D.
Just did a little change in our claims

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